Protecting Your Rights in Personal Injury Cases in Tampa

If you think a Florida DUI arrest is “no big deal” due to the commonplace nature of drunk driving charges…think again!

Take a look at these penalties and what impact they could have on your life: jail time or probation; driver’s license suspensions or revocation; hefty fines and court costs; mandatory alcohol treatment; DUI driving school; car forfeiture or immobilization; community service; and auto insurance cancellation.

Don’t allow those potential harsh punishments to cause you endless worry and stress. Take action now to protect your rights. Call the Tampa Law Office of Rick Terrana, P.A. for a free consultation.

If you have been in a Tampa auto accident, Rick Terrana and his team of investigators will dig hard to uncover the facts about your accident. Rick Terrana works on a contingency fee basis, which means that you owe no fees unless he is able to obtain compensation for you.

Serving DUI Clients in Greater Tampa for More Than 25 Years

From start to finish of your DUI/BUI case, Rick Terrana stands ready to:

  • Represent you at all administrative hearings
  • Discredit police arrest procedures
  • Cast doubt on the “reasonable suspicion” used to pull you over
  • Investigate the roles of any pre-existing medical condition, road and weather conditions
  • Question the validity of field sobriety testing and breathalyzer test
    results that report your blood-alcohol level
  • Push for reduction or dismissal of charges, or lighter alternative
  • Advise you regarding a provisional or hardship license so you can get to your job
  • Advocate for restoration of your driving privileges


Tampa attorney Rick Terrana explains cases in need of a DUI defense attorney.

An experienced lawyer can often punch many holes in a DUI arrest because so many variables are at play. Rick Terrana explores every avenue toward dismissal or reduction of your charges.

Attorney Terrana also represents college students against DUI charges. He knows that travel to your off-campus job or returning home for break sometimes depends on a clean driving record. Mr. Terrana can also represent our state’s commercial drivers, those with CDL licenses, whose livelihoods are at stake in DUI trials.

Contact us if you have been arrested for drunk driving. If you are in jail and cannot come to us, we can come to you.

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